Corporate Code of Conduct




  1. 供給連鎖で適用される法律等を特定する

  2. 特定された法律への順守状況を確認する

  3. 必要な経営システムを構築し、適宜見直しを行う

  4. 供給連鎖において合法木材の取引を促進する

  5. 合法木材に関する関係省庁の指針および一般財団法人日本ガス機器検査協会の「輸入木材の評価について」を順守する









代表取締役 柿沼 孝明



Corporate Code of Conduct


As a company which shall supply woody biomass fuel that the material is legally felled, collected and distributed, BPC carries out the followings in order to comply with applicable laws at all stages of timber felling, collection, fuel processing and distribution.


  1. Identify the applicable laws for supply chain

  2. Confirm the status of the compliance for the laws

  3. Build up the management system required and revise accordingly

  4. Promote the legal wood transaction in supply chain

  5. Comply with the guideline of Ministries / Agencies regarding legal wood and with “About Evaluation for Imported Wood” by JIA


BPC complies with the laws related with wood, woody products, production, transportation and sales, considers the balance of environment, society and economy, and try to supply the legal wood according to social needs, and contributes to raise the healthy wood market in Japan.


BPC recognizes the necessary of harmonious forest management and wood production for environment, society and economy in not only Japan but all over the world. Moreover, BPC performs the wood transaction for the development of wood industry both in Japan and all over the world.



December 1th, 2018

BPC Inc.

President Takaaki Kakinuma

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